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Important planning applications that need our immediate attention.
ABP Corballis East SHD - TA06F.311059
Fingal Corballis East SHD - SHD/006/20 ABP-311059-21
Construction of 1,365 no. new residential dwellings on the Main Residential Development Site.
DPCC Submission - SHD/006/20 ABP-311059-21

Planning Related to Corballis East SHD
Planning Application F18A/0618
DPCC Submission - F18A/0618
Planning Application - F20A/0204
DPCC Submission 2 - F20A/0204
DPCC Submission 1 - F20A/0204

Lands at Ballymastone - LRD0008/S3
The proposed development will consist of the construction of a residential development, which represents Phase 1 of the wider development of the Ballymastone Lands (as identified in the Donabate Local Area Plan 2016 (as extended)), ranging in height from 2 to 6 storeys to accommodate 432 no. residential dwellings (including a mix of apartments, duplexes and houses), a crèche and public open space.
DPCC Appeal - LRD0008S3
DPCC Submission - LRD0008S3

Fingal Tilberry 2 - F20A/0510
ABP Tilberry 2 SHD - ABP-313192-22
Tlberry 2 SHD - ABP-313192-22
DPCC Submission - F20A-0510

All other planning applications:
All other planning applications across the peninsula.

Important national, county and local area development plans.

Donabate Local Area Plan 2006
Donabate 2006
Donabate Local Area Plan 2006 Map

Donabate Local Area Plan 2016
DLAP 2016 Appendecies
DLAP 2016 Map
DLAP 2016 Part 1
DLAP 2016 Texr Part 2
DLAP 2016 Text Part 3
DLAP 2016 Text Part 4

Peninsula Flood Reports -
Peninsula Flood Reports
Recent Flood Reports

Donabate Urban Framework Plan 2020 - public consultation
Donabate Urban Framework Plan
DPCC UFP 2020 Submission
Donabate Urban Centre Strategy 2010

Fingal County Development Plan 2017 - 2023
Fingal Development Plan 2017 - 2023

Design Manual for Urban Roads and Streets
Design Manual for Urban Roads and Streets
2019 Design Manual for Urban Streets

National Development Plan 2021 - 2030
National Development Plan 2021 - 2030

National Planning Framework
National Planninng Framework Website
National Planning Framework 2040

Urban Developmentand Building Heights
Guidelines for Planning Authorities
Urban Development and Building Heights Guidlines 2018

Greater Dublin Strategic Drainage
Greater Dublin Strategic Drainage Study
Greater Dublin Regional Code of Practice for Drainage

National Parks and Woldlife Service

EU Directives
Habitats Directive
Birds Directive​
EIA Directive
SEA Directive

Prevoius Significant Application
As most of you will be aware by now last September the H.S.E. lodged a direct planning application to An Bord Pleanala for a new National Forensic Mental Health Service Hospital on the grounds of St. Itas Hospital, Portrane. You can view the full documents here. The H.S.E. is planning to relocate the Central Mental Hospital, Dundrum to Portrane. Dundrum is seen as not suitable in its current state and a new hospital is needed hence the decision to relocate.

The Community Council having viewed the planning application and in consultation with other interested bodies in the area called a public meeting in October of last year and invited the H.S.E. to partake. As a result of this public meeting the Community Council decided to engage a planning consultant to make a submission on behalf of the community Council.

Our submission was put together after numerous meetings and discussion with interested groups on the peninsula. St. Patricks G.A.A Club also engaged a planning consultant to make their submission. There were a total of 30 submissions made on this planning application. The Community Council’s submission to An Bord Pleanala does not support HSE planning application in it’s current form and includes alternative suggestions for construction traffic management, recommendations for community gain, request for adequate waste management plan and master plan for protected structures.

Given the long history of mental health on this peninsula and the tradition of caring for those most at risk in our community, the DPCC is supportive of the expansion of mental health services on the site of St. Ita’s. However, the current planning application submitted by the HSE does not take into account the needs of this community with particular reference to construction traffic and community gain or lack thereof. The current application proposes that construction traffic travel up the Hearse Road, over the Railway Bridge down Main Street and further on down the Portrane Road. Construction trucks travelling through the village past all the shops/businesses and continuing on past three schools is unacceptable to the DPCC. With regard to community gain this section of the application is wholly inadequate.

Taking all of the above into consideration, the Community Council’s submission to An Bord Pleanala does not support HSE planning application in it’s current form and includes alternative suggestions for construction traffic management, recommendations for community gain, request for adequate waste management plan and master plan for protected structures.

In February the H.S.E. submitted a submission to An Bord Pleanala’s request for a response to the submissions of the local community. The Community Council and other bodies feel that the H.S.E in their submission response have not responded adequately and because of that we have reengaged our planning consultant to object to the planning application in its entirety. This new submission has to be in to An Bord Pleanala by 5.30 on 23rd. March 2015.

The Community Council and other interested groups with the help of councillors Adrian Henchy and Paul Mulville held a very successful workshop last Sat. 14th. March in the Community Centre. The workshop was organised in response to the H.S.E.’s lack of engagement with the local community regarding their application to An Bord Pleanála to move the Central Mental Hospital, from its present location in Dundrum to a new site at St. Ita’s Hospital, Portrane.

This workshop was organised to help anyone who wised to make their own submission, to answer any questions they may have had and also to walk them through An Bord Pleanála’s submission process for anyone who has never made a submission before. A very good presentation was made which can be viewed here backed up by short clips of existing traffic chaos on the peninsula particularly at the schools and approaches to the railway bridge. The workshop was very well attended so much so that the presentation had to be run a second time and their were people on hand to answer any questions which may have arisen.

The deadline for submissions on this application is next Mon. 23rd. March 2015. We would urge anyone who has an interest in the future of this peninsula to make their own submission or group together with friends or neighbours and make a submission that way. If you view the presentation document it will give you pointers on making the submission and if you have any questions you can contact.

On the 23rd. March the Community Council lodged a submission to A.B.P. prepared by our planning consultant, we also engaged an engineering consultant to deliver a traffic report which accompanies our submission.

The Community Council would like to thank everyone be they individuals or groups who came together as a community to help us put together these reports and submissions in order to make our community a better place to live and work in.

DPCC's ABP Submission March 2015


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